The Lay Council Department
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Lay Council Statement of Purpose/Vision:
The purpose of the Lay Council of the A.M.E. Zion Church is to: prepare lay members for lifetime service in the kingdom of God.
The Motto is "Come with us to Christ".
The department aims to implement ministries that are positive in transforming people's lives spiritually, socially, and economically; in promoting fellowship with God and other believers, as well as unbelievers.
The Lay Council aims to do this by:
-Developing themselves and others as Christian Disciples Helping others to know, worship, and follow Christ in spirit and in truth.
-Collaborating and cooperating across organizational, institutional, and denominations boundaries to minister to the masses.
All laity in the A.M.E. Zion Church are encouraged to catch the vision for Christian Leadership, Accountability, Stewardship, and Christian service. The mission of the Lay Council Department is to prepare and equip disciples to maintain effective ministries that 'evangelize, encourage, and edify.'