The Evangelism Department 
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Evangelism Statement of Purpose/Vision:
To teach, train, equip, strategize, and develop a plan of implementation for evangelizing the church for new life and the community for the salvation of souls (Paragraph 599 Section 1.A).

The 45th General Conference directs that there shall be a Division of Church Growth in The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. That this Division shall be responsible for developing and planting churches with emphasis on areas where the AME Zion Church does not have a presence;

-it shall be responsible for developing a pilot program for receiving and nurturing unconnected churches that believe in and love the doctrines of Methodism and prepare them for membership, participation and assimilation in the Annual Conferences where they are located;
-it shall further be responsible for developing and implementing special evangelistic media programs and resources for attracting the unchurched and winning souls for Jesus;
-and it shall be responsible, upon request from the Bishop of the church for assisting local churches on how to become revitalized and on how to develop a new church (Paragraph 599, section 6).