We are The Mighty Midlands District
"The Nehemiah Project"
Neh 2:18 
Lotus Flower
The lotus flower is a symbol of purity. It signifies that, as a living element, we should be blooming for Christ/ forever growing and multiplying the Kingdom.
The fire represents the presence of the Holy Spirit.
The heart represents Gods (unyielding/ unwavering/ unending) love for us, and our love for each other.
Praying Hands
The praying hands signifies our acknowledgment of the importance of prayer. It also represents our commitment to seek God fervently/seek His face.
Gold (Colour)
The colour gold represents excellence and purification; we have been tried by the fire and purified.
This represents our bodies as we are the Church/ our temple should be kept holy and righteous.
Ring of Gold (Circle)
This represents our pledge of allegiance to God, our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ, which solidifies our vow that cannot be broken and our unity to one another.
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